Carbon-negative hydrogen from wood waste

Our technologies convert woody biomass waste into clean hydrogen and stored carbon.

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Our system integration technologies combine proven equipment to substantially improve state-of-the-art carbon capture and energy efficiency.

Mote leverages proven equipment and strong partners to scale quickly.

SunGas Renewables, a subsidiary of the Gas Technology Institute, is providing the key gasification technology for turning biomass into gases.

Fluor Corporation is supporting the integration of proven equipment into our facilities.

No waste means all value.

Carbon Removal

To avoid dangerous climate change, we need to take carbon out of the air and put it back underground where we found it. For every kilogram of Mote’s hydrogen sold at the pump, we take 30 kilograms of carbon out of the air and store it for good.


Our hydrogen is carbon-negative: better than “green” hydrogen from electricity and far better than hydrogen from fossil fuels (i.e., the way it is made today). Because Mote gets paid for carbon removal, we can sell hydrogen at the most competitive prices. The dual value streams are the keys to our success.

Hydrogen that cools the planet.

Our carbon removal is real, additive, and permanent — keeping carbon out of the atmosphere for thousands of year. Because waste biomass is abundant in many parts of the world, our solution can scale to meet a huge part of the climate challenge.

Our first facility is underway.

Mote is building the world’s first carbon removal plant converting wood waste into hydrogen.

tons carbon/year
kg hydrogen/day

Together we will get to net-zero.

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