Carbon-negative hydrogen

from waste biomass.

The most scalable high-quality carbon dioxide removal, producing the lowest cost hydrogen.

Biomass to hydrogen.

Biomass is any renewable, organic material, such as agricultural crops and trees. Traditionally biomass is burned or decomposed. This is a large, growing source of air pollution because biomass is highly effective at removing carbon from the air.

Mote solves this problem by using gasification to convert biomass wastes and residues into hydrogen and carbon dioxide. We sell the hydrogen and inject the carbon dioxide underground into geological structures. Mote offers the most proven, scalable, and cost-effective solution to remove atmospheric carbon, as well as the most valuable renewable hydrogen.

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Maximizing carbon removal.
Nature conveniently provides a very efficient system for biomass to remove carbon from the air, and for biomass to turn sunlight into stored energy from which we can make hydrogen.


Putting carbon away, for good.
The presence of oil and gas in porous rock underground over millions of years clearly demonstrates nature’s ability to similarly sequester fluids like carbon dioxide.


Promoting important values.
Mote is always committed to increasing the health of ecosystems, supporting local communities, increasing food security, and reversing global air pollution.

Restoring the carbon cycle.

Mote removes carbon from the air at the lowest cost and produces the most valuable renewable hydrogen.