Wood waste absorbs energy and carbon via photosynthesis. Our technology removes the carbon and turns the rest into hydrogen.

How our technology works

Waste is chipped and brought to the Mote facility. It is then heated with limited oxygen to above 1500°F, converting it to a mixture of gases, which is further reacted.

How our technology works

The gas mixture is separated and purified. The result is hydrogen for sale and CO2 for utilization/storage. There is also ash leftover for sale as a fertilizer additive.

Redesigning gasification for the climate era

Gasification was originally built for combustion and fossil fuels. Mote is redesigning gasification from the ground up for carbon removal and hydrogen production.

Breakthrough efficiency, unparalleled performance

Mote technology captures virtually all of the carbon from waste. At the same time, our system has transformative energy efficiency. And unlike combustion, our system uses all of the waste value and improves local air quality.

Less resources, more value, running 24/7

In addition to cost-competitive fossil-free hydrogen, we generate carbon removal credits. Mote also requires substantially less land, water, and electricity than technologies such as electrolysis and direct air capture.

Build a climate-positive future with us.

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