Innovation at every step.

How our technology works

Woody waste biomass absorbs energy and carbon via photosynthesis. Chipped waste can be disposed of at a Mote facility. It is then reacted with pure oxygen, yielding a 1500°F exothermic reaction. The resulting gas mixture continues into further processing.

How our technology works

The gas mixture is separated and purified. The result is pure biohydrogen and permanently storable CO2. There is also ash leftover for sale to fertilizer companies.

Reimagining biomass for the climate era

Biomass in many cases has traditionally been unsustainably harvested and burned. Mote offers a complete ground-up paradigm shift, with our carbon removal and biohydrogen.

No waste left behind, extra value gained

Mote technology captures virtually all of the carbon from waste. At the same time, our system has transformative energy efficiency. And unlike alternatives, Mote leaves no waste behind and improves local air quality.

Less capital-intensive, smaller footprint

To reach Net Zero, we need technologies such as water electrolysis and Direct Air Capture. But in many cases, on a levelized basis, Mote is much less capital-intensive and requires substantially less land, water, and electricity.

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