Our mission is to reduce and remove one billion tons of carbon by 2035.

The urgency of climate action cannot be overstated.
The need for carbon removal to avoid dangerous climate change couldn't be clearer.

Research from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has found that removing carbon and making hydrogen from wood waste is key to economically meeting climate goals.

Mote is a spinout of the Lab, where Mote's Chief Technology Officer Joshuah Stolaroff led the carbon removal program.

Our values: Environmental equity and justice

Climate change will disproportionately affect vulnerable communities least responsible for past emissions. We believe everyone deserves protection from environmental hazards and access to environmental benefits, regardless of income, race, and other characteristics.

We improve local air quality by using direct gasification and other clean processes. We displace emissions from field burning and landfilling, and help reduce wildfire risk.

We support jobs in rural and disadvantaged communities, creating value by upcycling agricultural and forest residues.

We enable zero-emissions heavy duty trucks and equipment. Diesel engines are still the biggest source of particulate pollution in many communities, causing asthma and other harm. We replace dirty diesel with clean hydrogen.

A triple bottom line company

We equally value people, the planet, and prosperity because we believe that all three are necessary to a sustainable business and a sustainable world.


Social justice




Strong returns

Our leadership team

Mac Kennedy

Co-founder and CEO

Dr. Josh Stolaroff

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Erika Pham

Senior Strategy Manager

David Mittelstadt

Senior Vice President Resources

Alison Chen

Lead Process Engineer

John Grabowski

Project Director

Jess Mayambi

People Operations Manager

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